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Why should you hire an Architect

We all dream of building the most beautiful house but when we actually get into the process of that, most among us are often plagued with the below mentioned valid questions -

· Should I try designing & building the house on my own?

· Should I directly talk to a local contractor?

· Should I hire an architect in the first place?

· Would hiring an architect turn out to be expensive?

When thinking about the design and functionality of to be made home, potential homeowners face one of the most significant decisions of their lifetime.

Following are the points should be considered to conclude all the doubts -


The designing of house involves special skills. The designing is not simply preparing a layout of rooms, here and there. It involves fine tuning of layout and elements inch by inch, choice of materials, choice of technology with respect to the environmental, weather and also designing a house which looks beautiful, has long life all while factoring in budgets, schedules, building codes and zoning requirements.

For example, if optimized structural design saves you one tonne reinforcement steel it will be a saving of about 50 thousand rupees.


Construction with ideas in mind leads to errors and inefficient spaces. Preparing highly detailed and accurate drawings significantly reduce design errors and help placing elements (columns, beams, walls doors & windows etc.) efficiently to every inch. Which is always profitable during construction as well as in the long run. It’s like the quote “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

For example providing columns, beams & less reinforcement steel by thumb-rule basis leads to weak structure which may deflect with time or fail in earth quacks.


Using the latest technologies, architects can help you experience your project before spending the money on making unforeseen changes.

You can experience the design progress by 3-D drawings which allows you to “see” your home before it is built and experience the rooms and exterior of the house. They can virtually place furniture so you know how it will look like.

An architect-designed building can be energy modeled, which can help determine the best shape and orientation for solar. They can view the path of the sun in your rooms and where it sits at what time of year.


Construction of a building with better design significantly reduce the requirement of maintenance and its cost during the life span.

Designing for function, flexibility and aesthetics adds extra value to the building. Simply well-designed buildings have better lifestyle, greater satisfaction and higher resale value over the life of the home.

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