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If you are planning to construct any building or infrastructure, following are the pre-construction stages.

1. Outline your vision & requirements.

First of all you need to frame a design brief, which should have list of all required spaces (rooms or areas) & other features if any.

2. Get conceptual designs & preliminary cost estimate from architect.

On the basis of your design brief your hired architect will provide you conceptual designs & preliminary cost estimate. This is the right time for you to review the designs & costing. Take your time in reviewing and get adjustments done with all issues resolved. When you are satisfied with all the stuff give a go ahead to your architect, as any amendments beyond this stage might be unhealthy to the project or might be impossible.

3. Construction drawings development.

After your approval on concept architect will start working on design development along with services coordination followed by making construction drawings which have all technical information required by contractor to erect the building.

4. Acquire permissions from relevant authorities.

Depends upon the type & size of project.

5. Appoint a contractor.

It is much important to get help and make legal agreement with contractor. Correct agreement is foundation to avoid conflicts.

6. Get work done.

Start work, keep the project in regular supervision of architect or PMC and get finished the project.

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